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    Vinyl Treasure Hunting: Great Music, Great Sound, Great Price

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    Record Shop

    Record Shop

    One of the things I absolutely love about vinyl is that I can get so many excellent used records for so cheap. A few weeks ago, I was in the vinyl section of my favorite music store in the area, Rasputin. I was looking through the jazz and rock sections, and while it was a slow process, I did find a few albums that I was interested in.

    The truth is that the vinyl section tends to be hit and miss. There is a lot of crap, no doubt. However, flipping through the albums is always rewarding when you stumble upon a used record in great shape for only a dollar or two. That was the case for me: I found 4 albums that I took home for a grand total of $17.

    Here’s what I scored: Rolling Stones: Hot Rocks (double album!), Lynyrd Skynyrd: Gold and Platinum (Another double!), Aerosmith: Toys in the Attic, and Al DiMeola: Electric Rendezvous. 4 albums, 2 of which were double LPs. iTunes would charge me $60 for all that music, and the record store would probably charge me at least $40 for the same music on CD.

    So, I spent about a half hour of my time looking through used records, and found 4 that I wanted. I got them for a measly $17. I spent the next 4 hours enjoying them (and, of course, several more time later on enjoying them!) I also enjoyed better sound quality. Vinyl totally rules, and I encourage you to go out and score some great deals too! Enjoy the music!

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