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    Symphony No. 3 (also known as Eroica) is a musical work composed by Ludwig van Beethoven (Op. 55) in E flat major. It is considered a milestone in the history of classical music for a variety of reasons, including its length. The work also marks the end of the Classical Era and the beginning of Musical Romanticism. Some critics interpret the four movements of the piece as descriptive of Beethoven’s struggle with deafness. The first movement expresses the courage with which Beethoven dealt with his disability, and the slower second movement depicts the despair he felt. The third and final movements mark the up rise and outpouring of creative energy that makes Beethoven one of the greatest composers of all time.

    Symphony No. 3 Movements:

    1. Allegro con brio
    2. Marcia funebre: Adagio assai
    3. Scherzo: Allegro vivace
    4. Finale: Allegro molto

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