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  • Symphony No. 8

    Ludwig van Beethoven began his Symphony no. 8, which he referred to as his “Little Symphony in F”, when he was 41 in the summer of 1812. Because of the optimistic feeling of the composition, it is not a mirror image of the events that were taking place in his life at the time of the symphony’s composition. Beethoven received much criticism for this work; primarily due to the fact fans did not believe it was as grand as the Seventh symphony. It is obvious that the Eighth symphony does not follow the traditional rules of classical music, because more stress is put on the last movement.

    Beethoven’s 8th Symphony Movements:

    1. Allegro Vivace I Con Brio
    2. Allegretto Scherzando
    3. Tempo Di Menuetto
    4. Allegro Vivace

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