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    Ladies of the Canyon is a quintessential California album and an essential Joni Mitchell album. Her first to go platinum, it features some of Mitchell’s most colorful and popular songs, including the upbeat and ecologically-charged “Big Yellow Taxi” with its memorable lyric “they paved paradise and put up a parking lot.” It also features the electric piano-based “Woodstock” inspired by the festival she regretfully missed, and “The Circle Game” featuring Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Representative of Mitchell’s involvement with Graham Nash and the vibrant Laurel Canyon music scene of the late 1960s, the album starts to address the cost of fame on “For Free,” a topic that Mitchell will wrestle with for years. Musically, it also begins Mitchell’s progression into more artful sophistication. Piano accompaniment, overdubs, and jazzier elements are introduced, and the addition of flute, clarinet, saxophone, and percussion adds color. More varied in mood than Mitchell’s previous releases, Ladies of the Canyon is both thought-provoking and accessible.

    Ladies of the Canyon Catalog Number:  Reprise 6376

    Ladies of the Canyon Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Morning Morgantown – 3:14

    2. For Free – 4:32

    3. Conversation – 4:30

    4. Ladies of the Canyon – 3:32

    5. Willy – 3:00

    6. The Arrangement – 3:35

    Side Two

    1. Rainy Night House – 3:24

    2. The Priest – 3:40

    3. Blue Boy – 2:54

    4. Big Yellow Taxi – 2:15

    5. Woodstock – 5:29

    6. The Circle Game – 4:55

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