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    Coltrane’s Sound was the jazz album released by the jazz musician John Coltrane. It was originally recorded in the year 1960, but it did not get released until June of 1964. As the tracks on the album were put together and released four years after they had been recorded, the album did not receive as much recognition, as they were overshadowed by his later works that were more experimental in sound. The album was recorded on October 24 and 26 in 1960 at the Atlantic Studios, New York City. Although the album did not gain a lot of recognition it is still considered to feature some of John Coltrane’s best work.

    Coltrane’s Sound Track Listing:

    1.    “The Night Has a Thousand Eyes” (Jerry Brainin) – 6:42
    2.    “Central Park West” (Coltrane) – 4:12
    3.    “Liberia” (Coltrane) – 6:49
    4.    “Body and Soul” (Johnny Green) – 5:35
    5.    “Equinox” (Coltrane) – 8:33
    6.    “Satellite” (Coltrane) – 5:49
    7.    “26-2” (Coltrane) – 6:12
    8.    “Body and Soul (alternate take)” – 5:57

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