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    Living Space is a studio album by jazz saxophonist John Coltrane. It was recorded in 1965 and released posthumously on March 10, 1998 by Impulse! Records. John Coltrane was prolific during the 60s and particularly in 1965. However, Living Space is still worth picking up — especially for the two tracks that are among the greatest Classic Quartet recordings from 1965. The album is notable for the two untitled original compositions, which have Coltrane, Tyner and McCoy experimenting freely. Although it was released more than 30 years after it was recorded, Living Space comes from an era when Coltrane was pushing the boundaries of jazz every other week, and is definitely an important addition to a Coltrane collection.

    Living Space Track listing

    1. “Living Space” (10:20)
    2. “Untitled Original 90314” (14:45)
    3. “Dusk Dawn” (10:48)
    4. “Untitled Original 90320” (10:44)
    5. “Last Blues” (4:22)
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