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    Soultrane is an album by John Coltrane, which was released in 1958. This album is said to be one of John Coltrane’s favorites. Soultrane was recorded in Hackensack, New Jersey in the home studio of Rudy Van Gelder. Soultrane was released shortly after John Coltrane rejoined Miles Davis’ group. The album is titled after a song which was featured on the 1956 album, Mating Call, by Tadd Dameron; however the song itself does not appear on John ColtraneĆ­s album. Although no original compositions are found on the album, John Coltrane gives an impressive musical interpretation of several other artists’ songs.

    Soultrane Track List

    1. I Want to Talk About You (10:53)
    2. You Say You Care (6:16)
    3. Theme for Ernie (4:57)
    4. Russian Lullaby (5:33)

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