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    Water Babies was a Miles Davis jazz album released in 1976 by Columbia Records. The album contains songs recorded during 1967-68, but the album was released much later during Davis’ retirement. The first three tracks on the record are from June 1967 and feature the second Great Quintet. These tracks are much along the same lines as the tracks in albums such as “Sorcerer” and “Nefertiti”. The next three tracks (including the bonus track “Splash” on the 2002 re-release) were recorded in November of 1968. They feature Dave Holland on bass and Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock on electric piano.

    Water Babies Track listing

    1. “Water Babies” – 5:06
    2. “Capricorn” – 8:26
    3. “Sweet Pea” – 7:59
    4. “Two Faced” – 18:00
    5. “Dual Mr. Anthony Tillmon Williams Process” – 13:20
    6. “Splash” – 10:05 (Bonus)

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