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    The album Workin' with The Miles Davis Quintet was completely recorded on two different days, May 11th and October 26th of 1956. This jazz album includes the infamous Davis featuring the trumpet, and the ever popular John Coltrane presenting his ever renowned saxophone. The album was recorded by the Prestige music label under the production of Bob Weinstock. The album Workin' with The Miles Davis Quintet was first released in stores in 1956. Miles Davis' goal in creating this album was to present his audience with the emotions that his band felt when they played together at the Cafe Bohemia.

    Workin's with the Miles Davis Quintet Track listing:

    1.    "It Never Entered My Mind" (Richard Rodgers) - 5:26
    2.    "Four" (Miles Davis) - 7:15
    3.    "In Your Own Sweet Way" (Dave Brubeck) - 5:45
    4.    "The Theme" [take 1] (Davis) - 2:01
    5.    "Trane's Blues" (a.k.a "Vierd Blues") (Davis) - 8:35
    6.    "Ahmad's Blues" (Ahmad Jamal) - 7:26
    7.    "Half Nelson" (Davis) - 4:48
    8.    "The Theme" [take 2] (Davis) - 1:03

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