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    Released in 1985, Elton John’s Ice on Fire is an ’80s time capsule emanating the decade’s love for synthetics; even Davey Johnstone plays a synth guitar on the album! It’s also one of John’s most forgotten LPs, which is unfortunate as it’s a passionate one and features George Michael on the hit singles “Nikita” and “Wrap Her Up.” John drops the core band approach and brings back all the strings, horns, and large cast of supporting players. These include Wham! bassist Deon Estus, as well as Queen’s drummer Roger Taylor and bassist John Deacon on the track “Too Young.” John also brings back his classic producer Gus Dudgeon who gives the album its slick ’80s sheen. What’s impressive is how well John’s melodies push past the production gloss. Even when the lyrics take a darker turn on songs like “Cry to Heaven” and “Shoot down the Moon,” Ice on Fire remains a highly enjoyable listen.

    Ice on Fire Catalog Number: Geffen GHS 24077

    Ice on Fire Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. This Town – 3:54

    2. Cry to Heaven – 4:14

    3. Soul Glove – 3:28

    4. Nikita – 5:42

    5. Too Young – 5:10

    Side Two

    1. Wrap Her Up – 6:04

    2. Satellite – 3:56

    3. Tell Me What the Papers Say – 3:40

    4. Candy by the Pound – 3:54

    5. Shoot down the Moon – 4:58

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