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    Michael Jackson Got To Be There Album CoverAfter being part of the Jackson 5, Michael Jackson released his first solo album, Got to Be There. It turned into an immediate success with rave reviews from notable sources such as Rolling Stone. In total, it sold more than 5 million copies throughout the world.

    The first single off the album was also titles Got to Be There and was a written collaboration on the part of Elliot Willensky and production through Hal Davis who was already noted for producing the Jackson 5. The single made it up the charts ranking in fourth on the Billboard charts and number one on the Cashbox chart.

    Overall, the album showed Michael Jackson’s versatility, range and proved to be just what people were looking for in the midst of political and serious music. It touched on the many heartstrings of the youth of America and lead way to a long list of hit albums from Michael Jackson.

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