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    Fleetwood Mac’s 1988 Greatest Hits album provides an excellent overview of the band’s most commercially successful period, from its 1975 eponymous album to 1987’s Tango in the Night. A few minor hits like “Think About Me” and “Seven Wonders” are left out, but with “Rhiannon,” “Go Your Own Way,” “Dreams,” “Don’t Stop,” “Say You Love Me,” “Gypsy,” “Everywhere,” “Hold Me,” “Over My Head,” and “Little Lies” all here, they are not missed. What is missed, however, are the non Top-20 classics from Rumours like “The Chain” (the only song written by all five members of this era), “Second Hand News,” and “Gold Dust Woman,” as well as 1975’s “Landslide” (which didn’t actually become a hit until it was released as a single for the 1997 live album The Dance). Instead, this album contains two new tracks: Stevie Nicks’ “No Questions Asked,” and Christine McVie’s “As Long as You Follow,” which went on to be a hit.

    Greatest Hits 1988 Catalog Number: Warner Bros. 9 25801-1

    Greatest Hits 1988 Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Rhiannon – 4:11

    2. Don’t Stop – 3:11

    3. Go Your Own Way – 3:37

    4. Hold Me – 3:44

    5. Everywhere – 3:41

    6. Gypsy – 4:22

    7. As Long as You Follow – 4:11

    Side Two

    1. Say You Love Me – 4:09

    2. Dreams – 4:15

    3. Little Lies – 3:37

    4. Sara – 6:25

    5. Tusk – 3:26

    6. No Questions Asked – 4:41

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