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    Kiln House (1970) was Fleetwood Mac’s first album to not feature the band’s founder Peter Green and last album to feature guitarist Jeremy Spencer. Though not officially in the band yet, Christine McVie contributes backing vocals and the album’s cover art. Instead of his usual Elmore James-inspired blues songs, Spencer’s contributions to Kiln House veer more toward the ’50s rock and roll “Sun Sound” that James influenced. Opener “This Is the Rock” is a rockabilly song and “Buddy’s Song” is the ultimate Buddy Holly tribute. Free of Green’s intensely sharp focus, the album is more relaxed and even humorous on the country-esque “Blood on the Floor” and “Hi Ho Silver.” Danny Kirwan shows the range of his vocal and guitar talents on “Jewel Eyed Judy,” and his songwriting skills on the instrumental “Earl Gray.” His compatibility with Spencer is undeniable, especially on tracks like the rocking “Tell Me All the Things You Do” and album highlight “Station Man.”

    Kiln House Catalog Number: Reprise RS 6408

    Kiln House Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. This Is the Rock – 2:45

    2. Station Man – 5:49

    3. Blood on the Floor – 2:44

    4. Hi Ho Silver – 3:05

    5. Jewel Eyed Judy – 3:17

    Side Two

    1. Buddy’s Song – 2:08

    2. Earl Gray – 4:01

    3. One Together – 3:23

    4. Tell Me All the Things You Do – 4:10

    5. Mission Bell – 2:32

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