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    Considered to be Bruce Springsteen’s breakthrough album, “Born to Run” was only the third album Springsteen released but was by all accounts a commercial and critical success.  Making it up the charts to #3, the title song “Born to Run” was one of his top songs and helped him gain fans around the world.  The other single released was “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out” which became a staple of his concerts for many years.  With a much larger budget than his previous two albums, “Born to Run” took over 14 months to record which was considerably longer than the other two.  Springsteen was unhappy with the process and was finding it difficult to get the exact sound he wanted.  After just the right amount of time he was pleased enough to release it, feeling that it had just the right combination of rock and traditional overtones to make a great album.

    Born to Run Catalog Number:  Columbia 80959

    Born to Run Track Listing:

    1. “Thunder Road” (4:49)
    2. “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out” (3:11)
    3. “Night” (3:00)
    4. “Backstreets” (6:30)
    5. “Born to Run” (4:31)
    6. “She’s the One” (4:30)
    7. “Meeting Across the River” (3:18)
    8. “Jungleland” (9:34)

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