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    Released in conjunction with the album “Human Touch,” the album “Lucky Town” was his 10th studio album.  With the title track featured in the movie “Lucky You” he wasn’t initially supposed to release both at the same time.  “Human Touch” took much longer than he expected to write and because he made several more songs than he needed he combined them into the album “Lucky Town” rather than just making a double album.  Some consider it to be one of his most underrated albums.  The first song “Better Days” seems to say it all, as the album showed again a much happier Springsteen singing uplifting and enjoyable songs, even if they weren’t top hits commercially.  True to form though, he did have one or two darker songs such as “Souls of the Departed” and “The Big Muddy.”  Overall though, “Lucky Town” was a sweet album that showed his more secure self and excitement of the possibility of being in love again.

    Lucky Town Catalog Number:  Columbia 53001

    Lucky Town Track Listing:

    1. “Better Days” (4:08)
    2. “Lucky Town” (3:27)
    3. “Local Hero” (4:04)
    4. “If I Should Fall Behind” (2:57)
    5. “Leap of Faith” (3:27)
    6. “The Big Muddy” (4:05)
    7. “Living Proof” (4:49)
    8. “Book of Dreams” (4:24)
    9. “Souls of the Departed” (4:17)
    10. “My Beautiful Reward” (3:55)

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