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    Going back to his earlier roots, Springsteen released his 11th studio album “The Ghost of Tom Joad.”  Reminiscent of his 1982 album “Nebraska” Springsteen received widely favorable reviews on this album, some even calling it the best album since “Tunnel of Love.”  Using mostly acoustic guitar and relatively somber lyrics, this album spoke of the life in the early to mid 1990’s in both America and in Mexico.  Named after the protagonist in the book “The Grapes of Wrath” Springsteen was inspired to do something meaningful after his few previous pop sounding albums.  Deep and momentous, it included such songs as “Highway 29” and “Straight Time.”  Although it didn’t break the top 10 on the Billboard 200, it is often said to be an underrated and under appreciated album that every Springsteen fan must listen to.

    The Ghost of Tom Joad Catalog Number: Columbia 67195

    The Ghost of Tom Joad Track Listing:

    1. “The Ghost of Tom Joad” (4:23)
    2. “Straight Time” (3:25)
    3. “Highway 29” (3:39)
    4. “Youngstown” (3:52)
    5. “Sinaloa Cowboys” (3:51)
    6. “The Line” (5:14)
    7. “Balboa Park” (3:19)
    8. “Dry Lightning” (3:30)
    9. “The New Timer” (5:45)
    10. “Across the Border” (5:24)
    11. “Galveston Bay” (5:04)
    12. “My Best Was Never Good Enough” (2:00)

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