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    “Bowie Rare,” sometimes referred to as just “Rare” was released in 1982 initially to cash in on the early 80’s success that David Bowie was experiencing both in the UK and the US.  A compilation album, it included some rarely heard recordings of duets and solo songs that the singer had released in earlier years.  Put out around Christmastime, Bowie wasn’t very thrilled with this album from the beginning.  However, even he had to admit, it had some merit to it after it was released.  All of these songs were released as first time versions, never heard before in this way, although some of the songs itself were from previous albums. Ranging from 1969 through 1980, “Bowie Rare” included a new version of “Holy Holy” as well as a live recording of “Panic Detroit” also never heard.  Another great song was an Italian version of “Space Oddity” only released in Italy in 1969.  Not released in the US, the album reached #34 in the UK.  Very hard to find, this album is a collectors dream.

    Bowie Rare Catalog Number:  RCA RALP 0135-2

    Bowie Rare Track Listing:

    1. “Ragazzo Solo, Ragazza Sola” (5:02)
    2. “Round and Round” (2:41)
    3. “Amsterdam” (3:25)
    4. “Holy Holy” (2:15)
    5. “Panic in Detroit” (5:49)
    6. “Young Americans” (3:11)
    7. “Velvet Goldmine” (3:08)
    8. “Helden” (6:07)
    9. “John, I’m Only Dancing (3:26)
    10. “Moon of Alabama” (3:51)
    11. “Crystal Japan” (3:07)

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