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    Using an electronica influenced sound, David Bowie released the album “Earthling” in February of 1997.  Bowie himself said at this point he was done trying to sound commercial and instead wanted to work on albums that he felt was worth of his lyric writing, and this was one of them.  Although not necessarily successful, the critics raved about “Earthling” and in particular the song “I’m Afraid of Americans.”  Nominated for Best Alternative Music Performance in 1998, Bowie was also nominated for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance for song “Dead Man Walking.”  Along with live acoustics and electric guitar, this wasn’t your typical dance music but it went over well with fans, especially underground dance clubs.  Numerous singles were released to clubs, and the song “Little Wonder” did especially well.  It was a bit different for Bowie, but still just as great.

    Earthling Catalog Number:  RCA MR171

    Earthling Track Listing:

    1. “Little Wonder” (6:02)
    2. “Looking for Satellites” (5:21)
    3. “Battle for Britain (The Letter)” (4:48)
    4. “Seven Years in Tibet” (6:22)
    5. “Dead Man Walking” (6:50)
    6. “Telling Lies” (4:49)
    7. “The Last Thing You Should Do” (4:57)
    8. “I’m Afraid of Americans” (5:00)
    9. “Law (Earthlings on Fire)” (4:48)

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