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    David Bowie was known for two things; first, he was an innovator in music from the 60’s to the 90’s, and second, he was known to always release an album to capitalize on his fame.  “Fame and Fashion” was a compilation album that was released in 1984 to showcase his earlier hits during the fame of “Let’s Dance” also released in 1984.  “Fame and Fashion” was known as his greatest hits album of the RCA years.  With songs such as “Space Oddity” and “Starman” as well as others are a culmination of Bowie’s best selling singles and most pioneering hits.  At the height of his popularity Bowie knew that this was the time to release this album.  Widely anticipated, it sold well among his present fans waiting to hear sounds of the past David Bowie and his songs that started his career.

    Fame and Fashion Catalog Number:  RCA PD-13770

    Fame and Fashion Track Listing:

    1. “Space Oddity” (5:15)
    2. “Changes” (3:33)
    3. “Starman” (4:10)
    4. “1984” (3:24)
    5. “Young Americans” (5:10)
    6. “Fame” (4:00)
    7. “Golden Years” (4:03)
    8. “TVC 15” (5:29)
    9. ” “Heroes” ” (6:07)
    10. “D.J.” (3:59)
    11. “Fashion” (4:51)
    12. “Ashes to Ashes” (4:21)

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