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    Released twice, once in 1970 by Mercury Records for the US and once again in 1971 in the UK, the third studio album by David Bowie was “The Man Who Sold the World.”  This is the first album that used the band later known as “Spiders from Mars” and also one of the first albums to mark the birth of what was then known as glam rock.  Considered to be his best work of the 70’s, the heavy metal rock edge that the album had to it set it apart from the other two albums that Bowie made.  With a theme of anger, insanity, violence and overall lunacy, it was looked upon as new and exciting.  The songs “All the Madmen” and “Black Country Rock” were the most successful although at the time neither entered the top charts.  However, David Bowie was fast becoming a cult favorite among underground clubs and musicians and for good reason; this was music that David Bowie would eventually make famous.

    The Man Who Sold the World Catalog Number:   Mercury 6338 041

    The Man Who Sold the World Track Listing:

    1. “The Width of a Circle” (8:05)
    2. “All the Madmen” (5:38)
    3. “Black Country Rock” (3:32)
    4. “After All” (3:31)
    5. “Running Gun Blues” (3:11)
    6. “Saviour Machine” (4:25)
    7. “She Shook Me Cold” (4:13)
    8. “The Man Who Sold the World:” (3:55)
    9. “The Superman” (3:38)

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