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    Known as the “original riot grrl,” Joan Jett has been a leading lady in rock and roll since the late ’70s when, as a teen, her all-girl band the Runaways stormed the world with their hit song “Cherry Bomb.” After the Runaways disbanded, Jett began a solo career and released a number of hit rock ‘n’ roll albums with her band the Blackhearts throughout the ’80s. The epitome of D.I.Y., Jett taught herself how to play the guitar and formed her own label when 23 others refused to release her self-titled solo debut (the album was reissued the following year by Boardwalk Records as Bad Reputation). She’s a female rock icon who literally paved the way for generations of girls and guitars to come, even signing a few to her label. Her classic combination of hooks and pure, loud rock energy is addictive, and her hits “Bad Reputation,” “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll,” and “Crimson and Clover” are beyond awesome on vinyl.
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