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    With their 9th album named “Pop,” U2 continued on with their 1990’s reinvention of sound and technology that continually made them one of the top bands in the world.  “Pop” was made specifically for their “PopMart Tour” set to come out as the album was released but due to timing issues had to be pushed back.  The end result was a lackluster album that even the band had mixed reviews on at the time.  However, looking back, this album had a great use of electronic music and utilized some of the emerging expertise in the music industry as far as technology was concerned making this album a great one to go back and listen to.  With tops songs like a remixed “Mission: Impossible” theme that won a Grammy for Best Pop Instrumental Performance, as well as “Wake Up Dead Man” and “If God Will Send His Angels” the album “Pop” had an international flair to it that really showed off their talent.  Last but not least you had the first single “Discotheque” which was a huge dance hit for them and also a first for a group not really known for their dance music.  All in all, the rhythm of this album makes it worth listening to.

    Pop Catalog Number:  Island Records (#524 334-1)

    Pop Track Listing:

    1.  Discotheque (5:19)

    2.  Do You Feel Loved (5:07)

    3.  Mofo (5:46)

    4.  If God Will Send His Angels (5:22)

    5.  Staring at the Sun (4:36)

    6.  Last Night on Earth (4:45)

    7.  Gone (4:26)

    8.  Miami (4:52)

    9.  The Playboy Mansion (4:40)

    10. If You Wear That Velvet Dress (5:14)

    11. Please (5:10)

    12. Wake Up Dead Man (4:52)

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