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    Most people know Cowboy Junkies for their cover of “Sweet Jane,” which became an alternative rock radio staple in the ’90s. Formed in Toronto in 1985 by siblings Michael, Peter, and Margo Timmins (guitar, vocals, and drums, respectively) and friend Alan Anton (bass), the band was influenced as much by Robert Johnson, Lightnin’ Hopkins, and Hank Williams as the Velvet Underground, and built its sound on blues, country, folk, and rock. Yet, it was their languorous tempos, somnolent haze, and Margo’s dark and hypnotic vocals that became the defining characteristics of Cowboy Junkies’ sound. Now with a devout cult following, the Cowboy Junkies have proved to be an adventurous band, undertaking ambitious projects and still performing achingly beautiful covers. They also have maintained the same core lineup that first played together in a garage in 1985.
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