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    Spacemen 3 was formed in England in 1982 by art students Jason “J. Spaceman” Pierce and Peter “Sonic Boom” Kember. Their motto was “Taking drugs to make music to take drugs to,” and Spacemen 3’s minimalist psychedelic rock was indeed trancelike as it often jammed on a single guitar or organ chord, and made good use of drones, distortion, feedback, and pounding drums. Up there with the Jesus and Mary Chain as the godfathers of the shoegaze movement, Spacemen 3 were unique in their choice of noisy minimalism over Beach Boys-inspired symphonic pop. Only releasing four albums before breaking up in 1991, the band’s influence was greater than its recorded output and artists like Stereolab, MGMT, Mogwai, and Yo La Tengo owe Spacemen 3 a great debt.

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