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    Returning to his more traditional music, “Infidels” was released by Bob Dylan and Columbia Records in 1983.  Filled with songs about love and loss, Dylan even focused once again on politics and the environment bringing back many of the fans he lost while speaking of Christianity.  Universally it was hailed as one of the best albums Dylan had written to date the album was considered to be far and away the most polished and tasteful of all his previous albums.  Whether it was the lack of fanfare from his previous three albums or the fact that at one point it was said that he put his religious beliefs on the back burner for pop fame, “Infidels” was the beginning of the end when it came to revealing himself personally as a born-again Christian.  Top songs included “Jokerman” and “License to Kill” among others.

    Infidels Catalog Number:  Columbia 38819

    Infidels Track Listing:

    1. “Jokerman” (6:12)
    2. “Sweetheart Like You” (4:31)
    3. “Neighborhood Bully” (4:33)
    4. “License to Kill” (3:31)
    5. “Man of Peace” (6:27)
    6. “Union Sundown” (5:21)
    7. “I and I” (5:10)
    8. “Don’t Fall Apart on Me Tonight” (5:54)

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