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    Over the past few years of his career, Bob Dylan concentrated on his religious beliefs in the form of music, and “Shot of Love” is no different, but it is said to be his last.  Focusing this time on secular themes, Dylan strayed away from the Gospel sounds and moved back into his more traditional rock-n-roll sounds.  He had a variety of songs that even included an ode to Lenny Bruce, a comedian who had passed away.  Again, widely panned by critics, one song stood out among the rest and that was “Grain of Sand.”  Considered to be now one of the best he has ever written, that song as well as the entire album “Shot of Love” has gained notoriety as one of Dylan’s more moving albums and also deemed by Dylan as one of his personal favorites.  It is an album that should not be missed not only for the music but for the visible shift in how Dylan would continue on with his career from then forward.

    Shot of Love Catalog Number:  Columbia 37496

    Shot of Love Track Listing:

    1.  “Shot of Love” (4:18)

    2.  “Heart of Mine” (4:29)

    3.  “Property of Jesus” (4:33)

    4.  “Lenny Bruce” (4:32)

    5.  “Watered-Down Love” (4:10)

    6.  “Dead Man, Dead Man” (3:58)

    7.  “In the Summertime” (3:34)

    8.  “Trouble” (4:32)

    9.  “Every Grain of Sand” (6:12)

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