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    In Jazz’s liner notes, Queen credits God for the thunderbolt heard at the end of “Dead on Time.” The song features some of Brian May’s fastest and most aggressive guitar work, and ends with this clap of thunder recorded by May during a storm, after which Freddie Mercury yells, “You’re Dead!” The rest of the album follows this same sort of exaggerated confidence (which Rolling Stone famously called “fascist”). Bringing producer Roy Thomas Baker back into the studio, Queen goes over the top with absurdity and overdubs to create an album bigger and heavier than anything the band had released. Queen explores different musical styles on the album, and Roger Taylor takes the group on a disco voyage with “Fun It.” Featuring the singles “Fat Bottomed Girls,” “Bicycle Races,” and “Don’t Stop Me Now,” Jazz is a really fun album.

    Jazz Catalog Number:  EMI/Elektra 6E166

    Jazz Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Mustapha – 3:01

    2. Fat Bottomed Girls – 4:16

    3. Jealousy – 3:14

    4. Bicycle Race – 3:01

    5. If You Can’t Beat Them – 4:15

    6. Let Me Entertain You – 3:01

    Side Two

    1. Dead on Time – 3:23

    2. In Only Seven Days – 2:30

    3. Dreamer’s Ball – 3:30

    4. Fun It – 3:29

    5. Leaving Home Ain’t Easy – 3:15

    6. Don’t Stop Me Now – 3:29

    7. More of that Jazz – 4:16

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