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    The Beach Boys released their fourteenth studio album, Friends, in 1968. The album’s tranquil mood hints at the coinciding presence of Transcendental Meditation in the band’s life (Love was studying the practice in India while most of the album was being made), and contrasts with the backdrop of a raging Vietnam War. With the Beach Boys beginning to split songwriting duties, drummer Dennis Wilson emerges here as the undiscovered genius of the group. He co-authors and sings lead on “Be Still” and “Little Bird,” a classic Beach Boys song. Brian Wilson is still the predominant creative force on Friends, and the virtual symphony he creates on the instrumental “Diamond Head” brilliantly recalls Pet Sounds. Other standout Brian Wilson compositions include “Passing By” with its textured vocal harmonies, the title track, and the bossa nova-influenced “Busy Doin’ Nothin’.”

    Friends Catalog Number:  Capitol T 2895

    Friends Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Meant for You – 0:38

    2. Friends – 2:30

    3. Wake the World – 1:31

    4. Be Here in the Mornin’ – 2:17

    5. When a Man Needs a Woman – 2:08

    6. Passing By – 2:25

    Side Two

    1. Anna Lee, the Healer – 1:54

    2. Little Bird – 2:00

    3. Be Still – 1:25

    4. Busy Doin’ Nothin’ – 3:04

    5. Diamond Head – 3:37

    6. Transcendental Meditation – 1:49

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