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    The Beach Boys released three full-length albums in 1963, the third being Little Deuce Coupe. With the exception of single “Be True to Your School,” Little Deuce Coupe is a car concept album, from the music to the 1932 Ford Coupe on the cover. In addition to the popular title track, the album features eight new songs mixed with three of the Beach Boys’ hot-rod classics, “Our Car Club,” “Shut Down,” and “409.” Of the new songs, “No-Go Showboat” and “Custom Machine” see the progression of Brian Wilson’s compositions into more complex territory – quite impressive given how quickly this album was produced. “A Young Man Is Gone” is an a cappella James Dean tribute with Four Freshmen-style vocals that is based on Bobby Troup’s “Their Hearts Were Full of Spring.” Also of note, Little Deuce Coupe is the last Beach Boys album to feature rhythm guitarist David Marks.

    Little Deuce Coupe Catalog Number:  Capitol T 1998

    Little Deuce Coupe Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Little Deuce Coupe – 1:50

    2. Ballad of Ole’ Betsy – 2:15

    3. Be True to Your School – 2:05

    4. Car Crazy Cutie – 2:40

    5. Cherry, Cherry Coupe – 1:50

    6. 409 – 1:58

    Side Two

    1. Shut Down – 1:50

    2. Spirit of America – 2:40

    3. Our Car Club – 2:15

    4. No-Go Showboat – 1:52

    5. A Young Man is Gone – 2:15

    6. Custom Machine – 1:40

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