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    It all started with a song about surfing – “Surfin'” – written by a teenage Brian Wilson and his cousin Mike Love at the suggestion of little brother Dennis Wilson. The song led to a single, which led to a record deal, which led to the Beach Boys’ 1962 debut album, Surfin’ Safari. Featuring Love on vocals, Brian on bass, Dennis on drums, friend David Marks on rhythm guitar, and the youngest Wilson, Carl, on lead guitar, Surfin’ Safari brilliantly captures the idyllic Southern California youth lifestyle: sunshine, surfing, girls, and cars. Musically, it introduces what would soon be the band’s signature style of combining the guitar of Chuck Berry with the group vocal harmonies of the Four Freshmen. Including classics like “Surfin’ Safari” and “409,” this album marks the beginning of the Beach Boys saga.

    Surfin’ Safari Catalog Number:  Capitol 698175

    Surfin’ Safari Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Surfin’ Safari – 2:05

    2. County Fair – 2:15

    3. Ten Little Indians – 1:30

    4. Chug-A-Lug – 2:00

    5. Little Girl (You’re My Miss America) – 2:05

    6. 409 – 1:58

    Side Two

    1. Surfin’ – 2:10

    2. Heads You Win – Tails I Lose – 2:18

    3. Summertime Blues – 2:10

    4. Cuckoo Clock – 2:08

    5. Moon Dawg – 2:00

    6. The Shift – 1:54

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