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    The Beatles’ Let it Be album was the 12th studio album by the band and was released in May 1970, shortly after the group announced it was disbanding. The album is a soundtrack for the 1970 documentary film of the same name. Two songs from recordings were released as singles before the album’ was released, “Get Back and Let It Be.” Other popular songs include “Across the Universe and The Long And Winding Road.”  In 2003, an alternate version called Let it Be…Naked was released, which featured stripped down versions of the songs. A remastered version of the original was also released.  Let It Be was originally released on the Apple label and was produced by Phil Spector. The album also featured guest keyboardist Billy Preston.

    Let It Be Catalog Number:

    Capitol CDP 7 46447 2

    The Beatles Let It Be Track Listing

    1. Two of Us (3:33)
    2. Dig a Pony (3:55)
    3. Across the Universe (3:51)
    4. I Me Mine (2:25)
    5. Dig It (0:51)
    6. Let It Be (4:01)
    7. Maggie Mae (0:39)
    8. I’ve Got a Feeling (3:38)
    9. One After 909 (2:52)
    10. The Long and Winding Road (3:40)
    11. For You Blue (2:33)
    12. Get Back (3:09)

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