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    The Beatles’ hit album Revolver was recorded at Abbey Road studios and released in August 1966. The recordings are generally guitar-rock oriented and it reached number 1 in both the US and UK. However, many of the songs were never performed live as they were deemed too complex to perform. Three songs, “I’m Only Sleeping, And Your Bird Can Sing, and Doctor Robert were deleted on the US version. The album contained many hit songs including “Taxman, Eleanor Rigby, Here,There and Everywhere, Yellow Submarine, Good Day Sunshine, and Got To Get You Into My Life.” Revolver was originally released on Parlophone, Capitol, EMI, and was produced by George Martin.

    Revolver Catalog Number:

    Capitol 90452-US
    Toshiba EMI 60137-UK

    The Beatles Revolver Track Listing US

    1. Taxman (2:36)
    2. Eleanor Rigby (2:11)
    3. Love You To (3:00)
    4. Here, There and Everywhere (2:25)
    5. Yellow Submarine (2:40)
    6. She Said, She Said (2:39)
    7. Good Day Sunshine (2:08)
    8. For No One (2:03)
    9. I Want To Tell You (2:30)
    10. Got to Get You into My Life (2:31)
    11. Tomorrow Never Knows (3:00)

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