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    Undercover is the album that was released by the Rolling Stones in 1983. The album followed the release of studio album, Tatoo You, which was mostly produced through a selection of various outtakes. Undercover was the band’s first release in the 1980s that comprised of complete, newly recorded material. With the invention of the MTV generation, the Rolling Stones began to reinvent themselves for a new era of fans and music alike. The album was recorded between the 11 November and 17th of December 1982 and between May and August 1983. The album was released on the record label Virgin/Rolling Stones.

    Undercover Track Listing

    All songs by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, except where noted.
    1. Undercover of the Night – 4:32
    2. She Was Hot – 4:41
    3. Tie You Up (The Pain Of Love) – 4:16
    4. Wanna Hold You – 3:52
    5. Feel On Baby – 5:07
    6. Too Much Blood – 6:14
    7. Pretty Beat Up (Mick Jagger/Keith Richards/Ronnie Wood) – 4:04
    8. Too Tough – 3:52
    9. All The Way Down – 3:14
    10. It Must Be Hell – 5:04

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