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    Audio-Technica, established in 1962 with the humble goal of manufacturing state of the art phonograph cartridges, has grown to become the world’s premier producer of audio devices for home and industry. Audio-Technica’s line of record players is among the music enthusiast’s finest examples of the company’s commitment to stellar sound delivery. Among these turntables, the AT-LP2D stands out as an exceptional piece of engineering for the most demanding of music professionals. A modern turntable able to digitally transfer your vinyl collection to CD, DVD or MP3, the AT-LP2D incorporates 33 1/3 and 45RPM playback speeds, an audiophile-quality dual magnet phono cartridge, and Cakewalk Pyro software that removes an LP’s clicks and pops and minimizes hiss. Other features include:

    • Dual magnet cartridge
    • Diamond stylus
    • Aluminum die cast platter
    • 45.0dB signal to noise ratio
    • Hinged detachable dust cover
    • Cleaning kit
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