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    Since 1972, NAD (originally meaning New Audio Dimensions) has been manufacturing cutting edge audio products for purchasers who refuse to truck with mediocrity. Among NAD’s most exceptional creations are its turntables, meant to appeal to the hardcore music enthusiast and vinyl aficionado. The NAD 5080 Turntable is notable in this regard, and is guaranteed to satisfy even the most discriminating DJs. Outfitted with 33.3 and 45.1 RPM record playback speeds, a direct drive motor system, and a fully automatic tonearm, it can be relied upon to deliver superior performance on every occasion. Other notable features include:

    • +/- 3% speed adjustment
    • -68db signal to noise ratio
    • Diecast aluminum platter driven by vibration-absorbing soft-rubber belt
    • Fiberglass composite base
    • Dust cover
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