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    A record player’s cover does exactly what it suggests. Covering the platter, needle and tonearm from undue wear, tear and potentially damaging intrusion, the cover (often called “dust cover”) is a necessary component to extending the life of any turntable. It is typically removable, hinged and made of Perspex, a hard, transparent plastic or acrylic resin similar to Plexiglas.

    Like many elements of a record player, covers can be custom made to suit individual tastes. They can come in round rod, square and rectangle; wiring and tone arm access and hand cut-outs, as well as other custom modifications can be done by request for specific equipment needs. Acrylic sheets are typically available in varying degrees of thickness.

    Turntable covers are available from, and often custom made by, numerous companies which specialize in record players and record player parts. Examples include J-Display Case, JMK Displays, and Acoustic Sounds Inc.
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