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    The designation of “vintage record player” encompasses everything from the earliest phonographs to the turntables of the disco era, a one hundred year span of time. From the earliest hand cranked players to the Gramophone, to the widely marketed home player and night club turntable, the vintage record player is also aptly described as “antique” or “classic.” A wide variety of manufacturers marketed the record player during the invention’s first century of existence, some of whom are still in business today.

    There exists a devoted community of fans of these aged turntables, and the internet has brought them together in a way not possible in earlier times. Popular websites such as UltraElectronicActive.com, Audiokarma.org, Pedalcarsandretro.com, and RetroWonders.com, cater to an audience of buyers and enthusiasts seeking these highly sought after devices. There are also shops specializing in repairing and refurbishing classic record players, such as For Your Listening Pleasure and Antique Phonograph Supply Co.
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