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    Vinyl is tricky business. Records are more high maintenance than most audio formats. To continue to achieve that irreplaceable sound of a record, the music lover must have certain accessories on-hand. In my accessories shop, you can find several essential items that will help you maintain the best sound possible.

    The most essential accessory every vinyl owner needs are cleaning supplies. Clean records sound hauntigly beautiful, while dirty ones sound merely pleasant. In addition, dirty records degrade significantly faster in terms of sound quality. As more dirt collects, and that dirt is ground into the grooves, and so on and so on, and well, you get the idea. There are cheap manual solutions that work great but take a little work, to full-on automated machines that can clean your vinyl.

    Next up, everybody needs to replace those paper sleeves every once in awhile. Old paper sleeves have collected dust for years and are transfering it to your vinyl. Replacing these paper sleeves once every few years is certain to keep your vinyl in tip-top shape. They’re cheap, so I like to buy them in bulk.

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