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    With her sixth studio album, Court and Spark, Joni Mitchell surprised critics and fans alike by breaking away from her folk-singer past, and embracing pop songs with jazz structures. To assist in this transition, she recruited jazz saxophonist Tom Scott’s fusion band the L.A. Express. Really letting loose, Mitchell allows her playful side to show in the witty lyrics of “Raised on Robbery,” and ends the album on a humorous note with a cover of Lambert, Hendricks & Ross’ “Twisted” featuring Cheech and Chong on back-up vocals. Still examining the music industry and her dueling impulses towards fame, fortune, and love, Mitchell does it with more directness here – and her lyrics are no less thought-provoking. Including the popular singles “Help Me” and “Free Man in Paris,” Court and Spark is not only Mitchell’s greatest commercial success, reaching double platinum, it’s a definitive 1970s album.

    Court and Spark Catalog Number:  Asylum 7E-1001

    Court and Spark Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Court and Spark – 2:46

    2. Help Me – 3:22

    3. Free Man in Paris – 3:02

    4. People’s Parties – 2:20

    5. The Same Situation – 3:05

    Side Two

    1. Car on a Hill – 2:58

    2. Down to You – 5:36

    3. Just Like This Train – 4:23

    4. Raised on Robbery – 3:05

    5. Trouble Child – 3:57

    6. Twisted – 2:18

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