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    Miles Davis with Horns is a studio album by legendary jazz trumpeter Miles Davis. It was recorded in 1951 and 1953 and released in 1956 for Prestige Records. This album is considered by many fans to be one of the most compelling of Davis’ records. The reason is that the album shows early glimpses of what would become Miles Davisí legendary ballad playing and lyrical style. Although Miles is not at his best owing to his struggle with drug abuse, the album does contain great tracks like “Tasty Pudding”, “For Adults Only”, “Floppy”, and “Blue Room”. Perhaps the highlight of the record is the original Davis composition “Down”, which also has Davis performing at his best.

    Miles Davis with Horns Track Listing

    1. “Morpheus” (John Lewis) (2:21)
    2. “Down” (Miles Davis) (2:51)
    3. “Blue Room” (Take 2) (Rodgers & Hart) (3:00)
    4. “Whispering” (M. Schonberger, R. Coburn, V. Rose) (3:03)
    5. “Tasty Pudding” (Al Cohn) (3:20)
    6. “Willie The Wailer” (Cohn) (4:26)
    7. “Floppy” (Cohn) (6:00)
    8. “For Adults Only” (Cohn) (5:33)
    9. “Blue Room” (Take 1) (Rodgers & Hart)

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