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    Straight, No Chaser is an album by jazz musician Thelonious Monk, released in 1967. This record is a showcase of Monk’s last great group from the late 60’s. Monk’s piano is backed by Charlie Rouse on tenor, Larry Gales on bass, and Ben Riley on drums. Monk is at his best on the title track, as well as the under-rated gem, “Locomotion”. “This is My Story, This is My Song” is a great example of Monk’s unique harmonic sense. The album is an ideal introduction to Monk and Jazz music in general and will delight long time fans of the artist and the music.

    Straight, No Chaser Track Listing

    1. “Locomotive” – 6:40
    2. “I Didn’t Know About You” – 6:52
    3. “Straight, No Chaser” – 11:28
    4. “Japanese Folk Song” – 16:42
    5. “Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea” – 7:36
    6. “We See” – 11:37
    7. “This Is My Story, This Is My Song” – 1:42
    8. “I Didn’t Know About You” – 6:49
    9. “Green Chimneys” – 6:34

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