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    As one of the most highly regarded albums by Bruce Springsteen, the album “Nebraska” wasn’t even supposed to be an album.  It was made only as a few different demos back in 1982, but Springsteen though that they were so good that they all needed to be released together, and for good reason.  They were made with the E Street Band which until then were relatively unknown and contained themes of blue collar people who reached turning points in their lives.  It was hard, rough and incredible deep which made them almost haunting in good way.  Using the original demos rather than rerecording them in the studio, the album containing songs such as “Open All Night” and “State Trooper” needs to be heard and appreciated for the work of art it really is.

    Nebraska Catalog Number:  Columbia 38358

    Nebraska Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. “Nebraska” (4:32)
    2. “Atlantic City” (4:00)
    3. “Mansion on the Hill” (4:08)
    4. “Johnny 99” (3:44)
    5. “Highway Patrolman” (5:40)

    Side Two

    1. “State Trooper” (3:17)
    2. “Used Cars (3:11)
    3. “Open All Night” (2:58)
    4. “My Father’s House” (5:07)
    5. “Reason to Believe” (4:11)

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