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    The second installment in what became known as the “Berlin Trilogy,” this album “Heroes” was also made with Brian Eno.  Considerably more positive than his previous album, “Heroes” was solely recorded in Berlin unlike the other two.  One of Bowie’s best known songs, the title track was a classic story of two lovers who meet at the Berlin Wall.  Often called his best album in his career, this album speaks of the Cold War and the feeling it provoked.  With passionate songs such as ‘Beauty and the Beast” as well as “The Secret Life of Arabia,” this album made a statement that was more than just about his own personal life.  Unlike anything the world was hearing at the time, the critical reception of this album was unanimously positive and has risen to the top in many of the lists of greatest albums of all time.

    “Heroes” Catalog Number:  RCA APL1 2522

    “Heroes” Track Listing:

    Side one

    1. “Beauty and the Beast” (3:32)
    2. “Joe the Lion” (3:05)
    3. “‘Heroes'” (6:07)
    4. “Sons of the Silent Age” (3:15)
    5. “Blackout” (3:50)

    Side two

    1. “V-2 Schneider” (3:10)
    2. “Sense of Doubt” (3:57)
    3. “Moss Garden” (5:03)
    4. “Neuköln” (4:34)
    5. “The Secret Life of Arabia” (3:46)

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