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    As the debut album from the legendary Bob Dylan, the self titled album “Bob Dylan” was released in March of 1962 to great respect from the folk singing community and to many of the up and coming celebrated musicians of our time.  Made primarily with old folk standards there were two original compositions on the album, one of which, “Song of Woody” really has stood out even after all these years.  This song that Dylan is most known for on this album was written for Woody Guthrie and based on many of Guthrie’s own compositions heard by Dylan in several New York clubs that they used to play together.  Another classic by Dylan, “Pretty Peggy-O” has also stood the test of time.  No Bob Dylan collection would be complete without the album of the same name, where you can hear rarely sung songs reminiscent of the early 1960’s folk performances.

    Catalog Numbers: Columbia 8579, Columbia 1779

    Track Listing

    Side 1:

    1.  You’re No Good (1:40)
    2.  Talkin’ New York (3:20)
    3.  In My Time of Dyin (2:40)
    4.  Max of Constant Sorrow (3:10)
    5.  Fixin’ to Die (2:22)
    6.  Pretty Peggy-O (3:23)
    7.  Highway 51 Blues (2:52)

    Side 2:

    1.  Gospel Plow (1:47)
    2.  Baby, Let Me Follow You Down (2:37)
    3.  House of the Risin’ Sun (5:20)
    4.  Freight Train Blues (2:18)
    5.  Song to Woody (2:42)
    6.  See That My Grave is Kept Clean (2:43)

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