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    While songs on Are You Experienced seemed to come from another galaxy, Axis: Bold as Love actually features space aliens. On the avant-garde intro “EXP,” Hendrix uses tape effects and whammy bars to imitate a UFO. The rest of the album is full of equally impressive (and, at the time, alien) techniques. There are backwards guitar solos on the rocking “You Got Me Floatin'” and the wistful ballad “Castles Made of Sand.” “Little Miss Lover” features the muted wah-wah technique, which was later adopted by many guitarists, and “Bold as Love” uses phasing to make Hendrix’ Strat sound like a whole orchestra. With the exception of the Brit-pop/rock “She’s So Fine” by bassist Noel Redding, all songs were written by Hendrix. “Little Wing” features some of his best lyrics, and the heavy “Spanish Castle Magic” finds Hendrix meeting his match in drummer Mitch Mitchell. At the axis of pop/rock perfection, this sophomore album reveals Hendrix’ depth and development as a songwriter.

    Axis: Bold as Love Catalog Number:  MCA Records 612003

    Axis: Bold as Love Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. EXP – 1:55

    2. Up from the Skies – 2:55

    3. Spanish Castle Magic – 3:00

    4. Wait Until Tomorrow – 3:00

    5. Ain’t No Telling – 1:46

    6. Little Wing – 2:24

    7. If Six Was Nine – 5:32

    Side Two

    1. You’ve Got Me Floating – 2:45

    2. Castles Made of Sand – 2:46

    3. She’s So Fine – 2:37

    4. One Rainy Wish – 3:40

    5. Little Miss Lover – 2:20

    6. Bold as Love – 4:09

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