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    Prior to the release of Today!, Brian Wilson decided to retire from performing in order to focus on arranging and production in the studio – a decision that would result in some of the decade’s best pop music. This new studio emphasis is evident in Today!’s complicated vocal textures and sophisticated instrumental combinations. The album includes the original version of the Beach Boys’ classic hit “Help Me, Ronda” (no ‘h’ at this point), and singles “When I Grow Up (To Be a Man)” and “Dance, Dance, Dance.” Dennis Wilson sings lead on the old Bobby Freeman hit “Do You Wanna Dance” over thick layers of vocal harmonies. Vinyl is the ideal format for Today!, preserving Brian Wilson’s grouping of the fast rockers on Side One, and the slower, more melancholy ballads on Side Two. With its more mature tone and texture, Today! is the album that paved the road for Pet Sounds.

    Today! Catalog Number:  Captiol T 2269

    Today! Track Listing:

    Side One

    1. Do You Wanna Dance? – 2:19

    2. Good to My Baby – 2:16

    3. Don’t Hurt My Little Sister – 2:07

    4. When I Grow Up (To Be a Man) – 2:01

    5. Help Me, Ronda – 3:08

    6. Dance, Dance, Dance – 1:59

    Side Two

    1. Please Let Me Wonder – 2:45

    2. I’m So Young – 2:30

    3. Kiss Me, Baby – 2:35

    4. She Knows Me Too Well – 2:27

    5. In the Back of My Mind – 2:07

    6. Bull Session with the “Big Daddy” – 2:10

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