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    Thanks for your interest in Vinyl Revinyl! Due to the high volume of questions we receive, please check the following frequently asked questions before filling out the form.

    Q: I have records. Will you buy them?

    A: Unfortunately, Vinyl Revinyl is not a retailer and we do not buy vinyl records.

    Q: I have a record. Is it worth a lot of money?

    A: We do not specialize in the appraisal of vinyl records, although we can say that the chances of you owning a valuable record are fairly minimal. If you have questions, we recommend taking your records to a store that specializes in vinyl records for a more educated opinion.

    Q: How do I know if a record is valuable?

    A: We suggest talking to an expert before deciding that a record you have is valuable. However, here are some things to think about:

    1. In general, for a record to be valuable, it needs to in high demand. For example, that unknown garage band from the 60’s probably doesn’t count…although an unopened copy of the original pressing of The Beatles’ Please Please Me probably does.
    2. Another thing to consider is the rarity of the record. While that unknown garage band may have only pressed 250 copies of their album (making it ‘rare’), it is probably not in high demand, making the record less valuable.
    3. Condition is another important factor. If the record is not in Mint, Excellent, and VG+ condition, it is probably not worth much, UNLESS it is also rare and in high demand.
    4. Manufacturing defects in general do not make a record valuable (for example, if one side of the record contains a side from an album, and the other side contains music from another album).
    5. Lastly, if your record contains the same artwork as the most recent CD release, it probably doesn’t have very much value. On the other hand, if you have a ‘Butcher Cover’ Yesterday and Today Beatles album or the banned Jimi Hendrix Electric Ladyland cover, you could be in the possession of a very valuable collectible. These are very rare, and most people who own them know their value.

    Again, if you feel like you have a valuable record, it is well worth your time to get in touch with a record appraisal expert.

    Q: I have some records and I want to get rid of them. Can you help?

    A: To be honest, we can’t do much for you. We do not buy vinyl records, although there are hundreds of specialty record stores all around the country (and world) that do buy vinyl records. If you just want to get rid of them, you could donate them to a local library or Goodwill. You could even give them to friends or family. Artists have also been known to use vinyl records for art projects. If you’re more enterprising, you could try selling them at garage sales, Craigslist, or even eBay. If all else fails, why not clean them up and give them a listen?

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