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    Victrola is the name in classic phonograph production dating back to the turn of the 20th century. Since long before the era when turntables would be used for packing discos or scratching hip hop beats, Victrola’s simple – but far from easy – mission was the manufacture and marketing of record players for the sophisticated vinyl aficionado. Whether it’s the Victrola VV107 phonograph (of which there were only 1,008 ever built!), or the D-261 VV-IX, with it’s hand crank operating system and fine wood finish, Victrola delivers only the finest record playing experience for appreciators of true historical novelty. Victrola’s fine namesake would eventually become the RCA brand music consumers know so well today. Experience the origin of much of what we take for granted in the reproduction of recorded audio by getting your hands on an antique Victrola today!
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