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    The Motorola Corporation has been at the forefront of global communications, consumer electronics and so much more for over 80 years. No less committed to producing high quality audio devices than it is anything else it undertakes, Motorola’s line of turntables is an exemplary contribution to the world of the discriminating music enthusiast. Whether it’s a vintage piece of record playing history in the form of a 1950s Three Channel Hi Fi Stereophonic Console, or a 1966 Console with AM/FM radio, Motorola has something for everyone. All turntables come with standard 33 1/3 and 45RPM, a tonearm made of only the finest components, and Motorola’s guarantee of strong functionality and a real good time! Experience the Motorola difference today by picking up one of yesterday’s most sought after home listening devices, a true legacy for the audiophile in anyone’s life.
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