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    DUAL has been perfecting its craft for over 100 years, presenting its first spring wound motor in Leipzig, Germany in 1908. Since those early days, DUAL has established itself as a manufacturer of turntables of the highest order, satisfying consumers worldwide with its superior sound. With a number of quality series and products to choose from across many decades, DUAL has a turntable to suit any fancy. Whether it’s the DUAL 1209 from 1970-1971 with its 4 pole synchronous motor, radial elastic mounts and idler wheel drive, or the DUAL CS-508 from 1981-1984 with its 16 pole asynch motor precision flat belt flywheel drive and Via DUAL SM-100 drive system, DUAL truly has something for everyone. Discover the sound of DUAL and let history take its course, guaranteeing an audio experience of a lifetime along the way.

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